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In the world of Genesis, which, in its opening chapters, seems fairly remote from ours—a world of slick-talking snakes, cherubs with flaming swords, and guys who live to be eight hundred years old—the ark gives us something pragmatic, something with worldly dimensions. In other words, some literary realism.
- Avi Steinberg on why we love to build arks: (via newyorker)

Attract what you expect,
Reflect what you desire,
Become what you respect,
Mirror what you admire.
- Unknown (via whoischristinex)

(Source: earthen-empress, via lartichaut)


Patrik Svensson (via Jeu de cartes illustré de patrik Svensson – BASSE DEF Blog – Art, Design, Photographie… – Créer est une bonne résolution)